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A step-by-step guide to becoming a better writer

November 21, 2023
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Let’s face it: We live in an era dominated by fleeting tweets and quick-send emojis. 

However, we’ll be the first to tell you that the ability to communicate clearly and effectively through skilled writing is as important as ever. 

Whether you're crafting an email, drafting a report, or writing a thank-you note, the impact of refined writing skills transcends time and technology. So if you’re looking to revamp your writing skills, consider this guide your starting point. 

The 5 basics of good writing

Understanding the basic elements of writing is essential if you’re looking to improve these skills. To start, here are a few key concepts that will instantly level up your writing:

  1. Clarity: Clarity ensures that your ideas are presented in a way that is easily understood. It involves using clear and straightforward language and avoids unnecessary complexity or ambiguity. Clarity helps your readers grasp the intended message without confusion or misinterpretation.
  2. Consistency: Consistency is all about maintaining uniformity in your style, tone, formatting, and language. A good writer provides a cohesive and professional appearance to their work and establishes a sense of reliability to their readers.
  3. Purpose: Understanding why you are writing—to inform, persuade, entertain, or instruct—guides your content and helps you tailor your approach to meet the goals of your audience. 
  4. Grammar and mechanics: Paying attention to details like punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence structure not only ensures that your writing is readable, but it also ensures accuracy. 
  5. Originality: Originality in writing involves using your own voice, perspective, and creativity to craft your piece. It means avoiding clichés and presenting ideas in a unique way. Ultimately, this is what will capture your readers’ attention and make your work stand out.

Strong foundational skills are important in all types of written communication, from social media posts and blog articles to resumes and cover letters. By mastering the basics of good writing, you’ll also communicate clearly and persuasively, regardless of the medium or purpose.

5 ways to elevate your writing skills

Now you may be asking: “How do I actually get better at writing?” 

While it takes dedication, it's not something that requires expert knowledge or skill. The following writing tips will set you up for success and set you apart before you know it. 

1. Develop a writing routine

Set aside time each day to write. This could include starting a personal project, working on a blog post, or simply journaling. Practicing daily will help you set goals, track your progress, and  can keep you motivated and focused.

2. Explore different writing styles

Understanding various writing styles (and their purpose!) can help you find your strengths and develop your unique voice. To do this, experiment with different types of writing, like creative writing, technical writing, and persuasive writing. Discover your likes and dislikes, and also identify where you excel.

3. Refine your grammar and syntax

Brush up on grammar rules and common errors to ensure your writing is clear, concise, and easy to understand. (Psst: Our favorite way to refine your grammar skills doesn’t involve signing up for a writing course online or studying a style guide. It’s actually by playing fun brain games on the Elevate app!)

4. Constantly improve vocabulary

Precise word choice can help you convey your message accurately and articulate your thoughts clearly. Use resources and word games to expand your vocabulary and practice using them in context. 

5. Seek feedback and continuous improvement

Just like any other skill, receiving constructive criticism is crucial for growth. Analyze and implement feedback from peers, mentors, or writing groups to improve your writing. Not only will an editor help you improve, but you can also use the edits as an opportunity to learn and develop your skills.

How long does it take to get better at writing?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to how long it'll take you to become a better writer. 

That being said, dedication and commitment to consistently practice writing every day can play a significant role in how quickly you improve. (You know what they say: Practice makes perfect.)

In addition, your willingness to learn from feedback and apply changes is a crucial factor in your journey to become a better writer. By seeking feedback from peers or mentors, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on improving them.

Lastly, setting realistic expectations for progress is essential. Becoming a better writer is a gradual process and meaningful improvements may not be immediately noticeable. So make sure to celebrate your small victories and acknowledge your efforts as you progress.

Start improving your writing with fun brain games today

Whether you’re writing an email for work or a thank you note to a friend, it’s empowering to be able to effectively communicate your thoughts. 

And if you’re looking for a tool to help you sharpen your writing skills through fun games, look no further than the Elevate app, available on iOS or Android.

Elevate’s award-winning brain training program helps you improve your writing skills from the moment you push play. Targeting all the fundamental components of writing—from punctuation to word choice—you’ll be on your way to mastering the tricky rules of smart, effective writing in no time. 


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