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Want to become a better public speaker? In the Elevate app, you can play fun games that focus on improving your verbal fluency, pronunciation, clarity, and more. Elevate’s award-winning brain training program will help you refine your speaking skills through personalized brain games, public speaking tips, and real-time feedback.

Elevate's Games to Improve Your %%Speaking%% Skills

With Elevate’s brain games, you’ll gain more confidence in how you pronounce words, make persuasive points, and say what you mean. And it’s as simple as playing fun games for just 5 minutes a day.

Clarity - the Elevate app's speaking clarity game


Learn to express yourself clearly and directly.

Diction - the Elevate app's diction game


Improve your speaking skills and avoid embarrassing errors in conversations.

Eloquence - the Elevate app's tone and meaning game


Learn to choose the best words to communicate your tone and meaning.

Precision - the Elevate app's speech errors game


Learn to speak more clearly, accurately, and confidently.

Pronunciation - the Elevate app's pronunciation game


Learn to enunciate clearly and avoid common pronunciation mistakes.

Recall - the Elevate app's tip-of-the-tongue game


Practice rapidly retrieving words from memory.

Synonyms - the Elevate app's synonyms game


Expand your vocabulary to avoid sounding repetitive.

Transitions - the Elevate app's transition words games


Learn to connect complex ideas and become a more persuasive speaker.

Word Swap - the Elevate app's vocabulary mix-up game

Word Swap

Learn to stop mixing up commonly confused words.

Play Games to Improve Your %%Speaking%% Skills

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