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Whether you’re writing an email for work or a thank you note to a friend, it’s empowering to know how to effectively communicate your thoughts. And the Elevate app's fun writing games are one of the best ways to improve your writing skills. Elevate is a brain training program that targets all types of writing skills, from spelling and grammar to punctuation and word choice.

Elevate's Fun %%Writing%% Games

Elevate’s award-winning writing games are specifically designed to demystify the writing process through fun challenges that don't feel like studying.

Brevity - the Elevate app's writing concision game


Learn to express yourself clearly and concisely.

Commas - the Elevate app's commas game


Improve your understanding of how to use commas correctly.

Detail - the Elevate app's proofreading game


Learn to quickly spot mistakes and typos in your writing.

Expression - the Elevate app's idiom game


Learn tricky idioms, phrases, and sayings.

Inversion - the Elevate app's antonym matching game


Match antonyms to master new words and expand your vocabulary.

Punctuation - the Elevate app's punctuation game


Improve your use of apostrophes, commas, hyphens, and more.

Refinement - the Elevate app's writing structure game


Learn to get your point across faster with more organized writing.

Spelling - the Elevate app's spelling game


Eliminate spelling errors and catch things spell-check overlooks.

Syntax - the Elevate app's syntax game


Learn tricky grammar rules and avoid making embarrassing writing mistakes

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