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From splitting the bill to understanding complex scientific theories, math is everywhere. And one of the easiest ways to build your mathematical skills is with the Elevate app’s brain training program. Its expertly designed math games provide fun and engaging challenges that will give you more confidence in both real world and academic scenarios.

The Most Effective %%Math%% Games

Elevate’s brain games don’t teach you math for the sake of teaching you math. Instead, with just a few minutes each day, you’ll play games that help you practice techniques that you’ll actually use to solve problems in everyday life, like when you're calculating a tip or adjusting a recipe.

Averages - the Elevate app's average calculation game


Learn to quickly and accurately calculate averages.

Conversion - the Elevate app's weights and distances conversion game


Learn to easily convert weights and distances with mental math.

Discounting - the Elevate app's price comparison mental math game


Learn to calculate basic percentages that can help you compare prices and save money.

Division - the Elevate app's division game


Learn how to divide numbers using mental math.

Equivalence - the Elevate app's statistics, proportions, and fractions game


Practice breaking down and comparing complex fractions.

Estimation - the Elevate app's mental math estimation game


Learn to quickly, easily, and accurately estimate the cost of multiple goods.

Measuring - the Elevate app's mental math measuring game


Learn to multiply and divide fractions to help with tasks like cooking and construction.

Percentages - the Elevate app's percentage calculation game


Learn to compute product discounts and markups in your head.

Proportion - the Elevate app's complex fraction and proportion game


Learn tips for breaking down and comparing complex fractions.

Purchasing - the Elevate app's spending habits and purchasing game


Practice calculating the costs of common spending habits.

Subtraction - the Elevate app's mental math subtraction game


Learn targeted strategies to subtract more quickly.

Tipping - the Elevate app's tip calculation game


Practice using mental math to calculate common tip percentages.

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