The Benefits of Brain Training: Why Elevate is Effective

Elevate's brain training program combines analytical thinking with engaging games and rewards that cultivate a desire to learn. And our members report powerful benefits: 93% feel mentally sharper, 90% expanded their vocabulary, 88% boosted their writing skills, and 89% improved their mental math skills.

Improve %%Writing%% Skills

Level up your written communication skills with games that target brevity, punctuation, spelling, refinement, and more.

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writing and communication games

Improve %%Speaking%% Skills

From personalized training for pronunciation to eloquence, Elevate's speaking games are designed to enhance how you verbally communicate.

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pronunciation and speaking games

Improve %%Reading%% Skills

Change the way you read with smart, entertaining games that focus on improving your comprehension, processing speed, agility, and more.

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comprehension and processing games

Improve %%Vocabulary%% Skills

Build your vocabulary with engaging games that explore context and connotation and help you practice using new words.

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vocabulary and connotation games

Improve %%Math%% Skills

Feel more confident when doing mental math with games centered on averaging, estimating, discounting, measuring, and more.

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mental math games

Improve %%Memory%% Skills

From name recall to information retention, Elevate improves key memory skills with fun games rooted in practical scenarios.

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memory and retention games

Improve %%Concentration%% and %%Focus%% Skills

Increase your attention to detail and overall productivity with several games that target mental focus and concentration.

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productivity and focus games

Learn More About the Research Behind Elevate

To test the effectiveness of Elevate as a cognitive training app, we collaborated with an independent research company and an independent analyst.

We provided a control group and a group of Elevate users with identical pre-tests to assess their performance in four key skill groups.

Elevate users trained using our app during a four-week period, after which the Elevate users and the control group took identical post-tests.

Our analyst found that Elevate users improved 69% more than non-users, and the more they played Elevate, the better their results.

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