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When is the last time you put your memory to the test? The Elevate app’s fun memory games are designed to test your memory while building your short- and long-term memory skills. They’re designed like video games but rooted in practical, real-world scenarios, delivering results that you can actually see in your daily life.

Elevate's %%Memory%% Training Games

Improved memory skills lay the foundation for increased confidence, productivity, and general well-being. That’s a recipe for personal and professional success. 

All of Elevate's games to improve your memory were designed with experts, so when you’re training your memory, you can trust that you’re also building important cognitive skills like problem-solving, decision-making, reasoning, and attention.

Focus - the Elevate app's attentive listening game


Improve your concentration while listening and exercise your short-term memory.

Retention - the Elevate app's list recall game


Practice using your short-term memory to recall lists of items.

Synthesis - the Elevate app's conversation recall game


Learn how to retain details of conversations by linking dates with names and places.

Sequencing - the Elevate app's chunking memory technique game


Learn the chunking technique and practice recalling directions and the order of events.

Name Recall - the Elevate app's name memory game

Name Recall

Learn how to use mnemonics to remember people's names.

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