Elevate Features

Flexible Training

Customize your daily training focus and choose between 3 and 5 games.

40+ Games

Improve your reading, writing, speaking, math, and memory skills with 40+ games.

Unlimited Access

Train your brain whenever, wherever, and as much as you'd like.

Performance Tracking

Measure your performance against yourself and others.

Learn More About the Research Behind Elevate

To test the effectiveness of Elevate as a cognitive training app, we collaborated with an independent research company and an independent analyst.

We provided a control group and a group of Elevate users with identical pre-tests to assess their performance in four key skill groups.

Elevate users trained using our app during a four-week period, after which the Elevate users and the control group took identical post-tests.

Our analyst found that Elevate users improved 69% more than non-users, and the more they played Elevate, the better their results.

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