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Is your vocabulary a little rusty? The Elevate app’s brain training games help you learn new words, practice using them, and increase your ability to communicate effectively. Plus, you’ll learn at your own pace in each fun game, so you can build your confidence with new vocabulary words as you strive to beat your high score.

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Flash cards are a traditional method for building vocabulary, but they can be dull and monotonous. Elevate’s vocabulary building games are the opposite. Each fun and interactive activity is designed to improve your vocabulary skills and keep you entertained.

Agility - the Elevate app's synonyms game


Expand your vocabulary by matching synonyms.

Association - the Elevate app's vocabulary categorization game


Associate unfamiliar words with words you know to build your vocabulary.

Connotation - the Elevate app's word connotation game


Classify words as positive or negative to level up your vocabulary.

Context - the Elevate app's context clues game


Practice using context clues to understand the meaning of new words.

Eloquence - the Elevate app's tone and meaning game


Learn to choose the best words to communicate your tone and meaning.

Recall - the Elevate app's tip-of-the-tongue game


Practice rapidly retrieving words from memory.

Synonyms - the Elevate app's synonyms game


Expand your vocabulary to avoid sounding repetitive.

Visualization - the Elevate app's visual memory vocabulary game


Create visual memory cues to remember new vocabulary words.

Word Parts - the Elevate app's prefixes, roots, and suffixes game

Word Parts

Decode the meaning of unfamiliar words based on their prefixes, roots, and suffixes.

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