Jaime Gelpi

Marketing Copywriter at Elevate Labs

Jaime Gelpi is the Marketing Copywriter at Elevate Labs, the innovative company behind the renowned Elevate and Balance mobile apps. Elevate, a brain training app and recipient of Apple’s App of the Year award, has empowered over 50 million customers to enhance their communication, math, and memory skills. Balance, celebrated as Google’s App of the Year, offers a tailor-made mental wellness journey, aiding individuals in refining their stress, sleep, focus, and mood. Notably, Balance offers its full suite of services free for an entire year.

Jaime's marketing narratives for both Elevate and Balance resonate deeply with their audience and are frequently spotlighted in top-tier wellness and edtech publications.

Jaime is a proud two-time graduate from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Master of Arts in Organizational Communication. Her academic foundation, coupled with her ability to craft persuasive copy, establishes her as a key figure in the marketing and digital wellness arenas.

For deeper insights into brain training, meditation, or potential collaborative endeavors, connect with Jaime on LinkedIn.

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