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Boost your language skills: Improve your vocabulary with last week’s top words

June 13, 2024
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It's a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s your vocabulary taking flight!

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Keep reading to propel your vocabulary with last week’s Words of the Day.

3, 2, 1... Blast off with these dynamic words

Pulchritude: Physical beauty or elegance. "The pulchritude of the cosmos left the astronauts in awe."

Inconsolable: Unable to be soothed when upset. "The engineer was inconsolable after the satellite failed to launch."

Supervene: To happen as an unexpected result. "A meteor shower supervened just as the telescope was aligned."

Orbit new conversational spheres

Galvanize: To inspire, stimulate, or excite into action. "The commander’s speech galvanized the crew as they prepared for the spacewalk."

Alienate: To upset an ally and create distance. "His dismissive comments about the mission alienated his fellow astronauts."

Erstwhile: Past or former. "The erstwhile satellite, now a piece of space junk, orbited Earth silently."

Learn to navigate the lexical cosmos

Arbiter: A judge, someone who makes a decision. "She served as the arbiter in the debate over the spacecraft’s new trajectory."

Verdant: Green with plant life, generally green-colored. "They marveled at the verdant landscapes visible from the space station’s windows."

Scintilla: A tiny trace or spark. "There was but a scintilla of evidence to suggest life on the distant planet."

Daily mission control: practice and application

Incorporating these words into your daily lexicon is like checking in with mission control.

With the Elevate App, you can engage in daily practice that ensures you have a chance to practice every word before you use it in real life.

Use the Elevate App to improve your vocabulary

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