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Can chess make you smarter? Improving strategy skills with fun brain games

May 20, 2024
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Chess is one of the longest-standing methods people have used to build their mental fitness. For many, it’s a fun brain workout that doubles as an engaging social activity.

Whether you’re a strategist seeking to dominate the board or a novice eager to boost your cognitive skills, it’s time to checkmate your daily mental routine and learn more about this powerful way to enhance your strategic thinking. 

Your move: Enhance your strategic thinking with a fun brain game

Chess, the grandmaster of strategy games, is renowned for its intellectual benefits. It's not just about safeguarding your king and targeting your opponent's queen; it's a brain workout that challenges your planning, foresight, and problem-solving abilities. Playing chess is like sending your brain to the gym. Every move on the chessboard stimulates neurons, building mental muscles and agility—a fun, and challenging, brain workout.

Knight your way through fun brain challenges

Chess encourages you to see the big picture while managing small, tactical details. As a knight leaps over obstacles, chess pushes you to think creatively and overcome cognitive hurdles. This leads to improved memory, sharper problem-solving skills, and enhanced concentration. 

Checkmate challenges: Build strategic planning and foresight

Chess demands a keen eye for immediate moves and a visionary outlook for future possibilities. Regularly engaging with chess trains you to anticipate and evaluate potential consequences, helping you stay two steps ahead in your daily life—whether you're strategizing at work or planning your next move.

Even pawns have to learn from their losses

Every pawn has the potential to become a queen, and every loss in chess provides valuable lessons. This game teaches resilience and the ability to learn from mistakes, translating these experiences into personal and professional growth strategies. In other words, how to turn setbacks into a setup for a comeback!

So try chess: A brain-boosting power play

So, can chess make you smarter? Absolutely! By integrating chess and other strategy games into your routine, you engage in a stimulating "fun brain" exercise that enhances cognitive functions and boosts mental flexibility. It's not just about moving pieces on a board; it’s about expanding your mental horizons.

Get your fun brain workout on

Now that you're ready to give your brain a strategic advantage, why not incorporate chess into your daily, fun brain workout routine? And while you’re at it, explore the 40+ award-winning brain games and activities on the Elevate app. It’s designed to make cognitive training an adventure, with gamified experiences that are as enjoyable as they are beneficial.

Step into the strategy world and start your journey toward a sharper, more nimble mind today. With Elevate, you either win, or you learn. Download the Elevate app on iOS or Android and turn your brain training into brain entertainment. 

Let the games begin!


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