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How To Improve Team Performance

February 12, 2024
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Have you ever wondered what sets a high-achieving team apart from others? Or perhaps you've been curious about the differences between a good team and a great team? 

As it turns out, it's not just hard work or talent. The secret ingredient may not be as obvious, but it’s evident in every interaction and decision.

Curious to know what it is? Then keep reading to learn more about teamwork and discover proven strategies to improve your team’s performance.  

6 Traits of High-Performing Teams

So, what makes up a high-performing team? Here are a few common traits:

  1. Clear communication: Clear and open communication ensures everyone understands each other. 
  2. Collaboration: Collaboration is required to thrive because teams can leverage individual strengths to achieve a common goal. 
  3. Trust: A foundation of trust enables team members to take risks and share ideas. 
  4. A diverse skillset: A diverse range of skills allows teams to problem-solve in a comprehensive and innovative way. 
  5. Shared values: When teams are aligned on their values, decision making becomes easier and the sense of unity becomes stronger. 
  6. Strong leadership: Great team leaders are not just motivated by hitting targets, but also building a resilient team that is ready to face unexpected challenges. 

The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Team Dynamics

Remember that “secret ingredient” we mentioned above? In addition to the six traits of high-performing teams just listed, emotional intelligence (EQ) plays a huge role in the effectiveness of group work

EQ is the ability to recognize and manage one's own emotions and those of others. And embracing it can help teams work better together and care for each other's feelings. 

Think about a group of restaurant employees during a busy dinner rush. How well they handle their emotions can make a big difference in whether they work smoothly together or not, affecting both the team's spirit and how happy the customers are. And that same logic applies across all industries.

How Brain Training Can Contribute to Team Performance

Another way team members can improve their (and their team’s!) performance is with consistent brain training. 

Brain training programs help develop cognitive functions closely associated with teamwork, like problem-solving, decision-making, and creativity. 

One of our favorite ways to train the brain is by playing the Elevate app. Elevate is a fun, scientifically-backed, game-based way to stay sharp and enhance skills needed for effective teamwork. 

Consider how some people have up-leveled their problem-solving, communication, and processing skills with Elevate:

“Elevate has helped me and my partner concentrate better through the day and feel stronger with our mental ability to make decisions. I feel more alert and more assertive with how I communicate, too. A great way to improve your mind function and health.”

“My basic math skills and problem-solving have never been great, but this app is helping me feel more confident in myself.”

“Loving this app. It's helped me regain my mental flexibility, and my memory skills are much more efficient.”

Developing Cognitive Flexibility and Continued Excellence in Teams

No matter the job function or team goal, staying cognitively flexible allows teams to pivot swiftly in response to new shifts and challenges. Plus, it empowers team members to identify areas of improvement and adapt, without being stuck to one strategy or mindset.

Here are just a few more ways teams can maintain momentum and stay cognitively flexible: 

  • Setting goals that you can measure
  • Keeping track of how you're doing
  • Being ready to change plans if needed
  • Knowing when to change direction or keep going despite difficulties

Strengthening Team Synergy with the Elevate App

Increasing your team’s cognitive flexibility and performance is possible, and it starts through brain training, fostering EQ, and adopting the traits of other high-performing teams.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by downloading the award-winning Elevate brain training app, available on Android and iOS. Elevate features 40+ games that develop memory, speaking, concentration skills, and more, helping you and your team work smarter—not harder. 

Encourage your team to download the Elevate app today, and give them the cognitive edge they deserve!

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