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Why learning games for adults are the best way to train your brain

May 22, 2024
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Let’s be real: life’s too short for boring learning methods. Here’s why adding a bit of gameplay to your learning routine is not just enjoyable but also effective:

Learning games for adults provide hands-on engagement

Unlike sitting through a lecture or watching another on-demand course, learning games require your participation. In fact, the game usually doesn’t move without it.

Learning games pull you into scenarios where you actively use new information, keeping your brain sharp and engaged. Think about it like this: you’re not just passively absorbing information; you’re putting it to work in real time.

Learning games for adults provide immediate feedback

One of the perks of games is knowing right away if you’re on track. Made a mistake? No biggie.

Learning games give you instant feedback, so you can learn from it and adjust without losing momentum. In other words, you get to adjust in small ways rather than realizing you’ve been applying something incorrectly all along. It’s about continuous improvement without the dread of failing a test.

Learning games for adults can help reduce anxiety

Jumping into something new can be intimidating. Games have a unique way of making the learning curve less steep.

In fact, studies have shown that gameplay can help learners, even adult learners, relax. Some studies have even shown that they improved emotional awareness and other critical skills.

In short: a relaxed mind absorbs information better.

Why Elevate is all in on gamified learning

Here’s how the Elevate app helps you make learning a habit:

  • Customized learning paths: Everyone learns differently, which is why Elevate allows for customization. Do you prefer 3 games a day or 5? Do you learn best through skill-based workouts, or like a randomized approach? With Elevate, you can play—and learn—your way.
  • Progressive difficulty: Just like your favorite RPGs, Elevate’s games scale with your growing skills. Start out easy, and as you get better, the challenges increase. It keeps you at just the right level to stay engaged without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Real-life skills: Elevate focuses on the skills you’ll actually use. From sharpening your decision-making abilities to boosting your memory, the benefits of these games spill over into your day-to-day life, enhancing how you work and interact with others.

Why should adults train with learning games?

Adopting learning games into your routine does more than just pass the time; it transforms how you approach problems and handle tasks in your professional and personal life.

Elevate’s games offer a risk-free platform to test out your skills. Think of it as a digital sandbox where you can experiment, learn, and fine-tune your abilities before applying them in the real world.

Learning games for adults: More than simple play

Learning games for adults are revolutionizing how we approach personal and professional development. They blend the thrill of gaming with the serious business of learning, turning what could be a mundane task into an engaging, productive part of your routine.

Ready to level up your skills in a way that feels more like leisure than labor? Check out Elevate on iOS and Android to see how we’re making education something to look forward to. After all, who says learning has to be dull? Let's prove that continuous growth and fun can go hand in hand.


How to train your problem-solving skills

  • Develop your problem-solving skills by engaging in brain-stimulating activities, learning new strategies, and continuously practicing through real-life applications and puzzles.

How problem-solving skills can boost your brain

  • Enhancing your problem-solving skills can significantly boost your brain's cognitive functions, improving critical thinking, increasing mental agility, and fostering creative solution-finding abilities, all of which contribute to better overall mental health and productivity.

The best brain games to improve memory, concentration, and thinking skills

  • The best brain games to enhance memory, concentration, and thinking skills include puzzles like Sudoku and crosswords, memory matching games, strategy games such as chess, and digital apps that offer structured cognitive exercises tailored to these specific cognitive abilities.
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